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The Third Music Room

50 themed challenge Ouran Host Club community

50 themed Ouran Host Club Community
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Welcome to 50_ouran a friendly, low pressure themed challenge community inspired by 30_kisses and the many like it. The twist, this comm is dedicated only to Ouran High School Host Club!


01.Host/ess 02.“Jealousy (rears its ugly head)” 03. Strawberries 04.Tutor 05.Bubble gum
06.Clock tower 07.Straw 08.Money talks 09.First Date 10.Apron
11.heart-shaped candy 12.Gender Identity 13.Knee high socks 14.Ootoro 15.Commoner-coffee
16.Roots 17.Sandal(s) 18.Waltz 19.Mathematics 20.“Lifestyles of the rich and famous”
21.Roses 22.Tea Party 23.Bunny (Usagi-chan) 24.(Spider) Web 25.Foosball
26.Limo 27.“You’re under arrest” 28.Sweets 29.Cross-dressing 30.“Spring fling”
31.Frills 32.Subway 33.“Doctor and Patient” 34.Organ / church 35.Hats
36.(Your) arms 37.Taboo 38.Mannerism 39.“Kick the can” (soda can) 40.Crutches
41.Candle 42.Stained glass window 43.bi-polar 44.Okaa-san (Mother) 45.Otou-san (Father)
46.Martial arts 47.Sing me a song (songfic of your choice) 48.cos-play 49.Boxer glove 50.Wish

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